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Why Did Skinny Healthcare Repeal Really Fail?

There are several reasons repealing Obama Care failed and none of them will inspire most Americans to have any Respect for those in Office, Big Business, Lobbyists, and in General Groups who generally support so called Conservative Issues.

I’ve known over the years and am certain most Voters will come to realize that most times there are reasons for all the Ads in favor or opposed to certain issues spending Millions on trying to influence the Public to contact their Representatives in DC to Vote for or against Legislation from 2nd Amendment to Solar etc., however on this Skinny Repeal Bill, I didn’t see any so called Conservative Groups running a National Ad Campaign to Repeal Obamacare but did see some local Ads asking us to contact McCain or McFlake to Vote Against Repeal of the Bill.

I believe the reasons Big Business and the So Called Conservative Groups ran No Ads is they didn’t want Obama Care Repealed but left it in tact and thereby continue to Subsidize Ins. Cos. as well as increase the Price of their Stocks much of which is held by some of the most Influential People in America, and they don’t want the Golden Calf slain, this also includes those at the Head of these Ins. Cos. as they get stock options worth millions and if you think about it Wall St. is making a Fortuneoff the Rise in Values of most of the Ins. Cos. that are making high profits along with Stocks rising.  E. Emanuel on Fox News says we now need an Auto Enroll in Obama Care and some in GOP agree with him, I believe if the GOP amends Obamacare then we’ll be a Socialist Nation as both Parties will be out of the Dark and in Total Control of Healthcare along with Medicare, Social Security,Medicaid, Welfare etc. and the American Dream of FREEDOM is DEAD.

I also believe there was a reason Clinton got so much support from Wall St. and it’s really quite simple they want a Single Payer system thereby this would bring an end to Group Ins. Plans for workers which is a Cost to the Businesses and the monies they’d save would just increase their Profits & of course the Price of their Stocks, this is the foundation for why most in the Elite GOP didn’t want to Vote to Repeal and the 3 GOP US Senators Voted against the Repeal of the Bill. 

I hope more Americans will come to Realize that the only people in America being served by Congress are the Rich & Powerful and yes every once in awhile they throw us a bone only to keep us from Voting all the Incumvents Out of Office, I’m hoping this will enable some to Vote them Out in the 2018 Election Cycle before we all End Up with Socialized Medicine and Death Panels.

The Issue for All is quite simple either We the People Stand Up and Take Back Our Country from theFat Cat Corporations, Lobbyists, Public Officials and thereby Regain Our Liberty or we all continue believing the lies leading us down the Road to Total Socialism spread by those in Office at All Levels.

Time to Make a Decision for the Future of All Americans Now!

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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