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Is Trump Losing Base Support?

The question as to President Trumps losing his base due to his lack of following thru on his Campaign Promises.

President Trump promised his supporters he’d End DACA upon taking office and begin Deporting AllIllegals not just those his  Liberal Staff considers to be Criminals, and now 6 months later kicking the Political Can down the Road with no End is Sight as Congress is being asked to Act with the 2018 Election Cycle coming up, what will his Base Do?  His base believed President Trump said and meant shortly after taking the Oath of Office, and not 6 months later kicking the Political Can Down the Road to the GOP RINOs who run Congress and are anxious to give Amnesty to All Illegals within the Borders, and yes this will include I believe those who also over stayed Visas.

I’ve been following closely reports I receive from other supporters in AZ and elsewhere as to their displeasure at his lack of following thru on the promises he made while campaigning where he also stated I’m not a Politician so you can trust me.  It now appears President Trump doesn’t have the Political Courage to even make the announcement himself but is using AG Sessions who he’s spoken out against to be the Front Man in making the Announcement and thereby escapes making the Announcement of Surrendering to the 800.000 Dreamers himself as still no mention of truly enforcing the Existing Laws in the case of Dreamers, this isn’t leadership as he passes the Buck to Sessions rather than having to Choke on his own Words of the Campaign, once again Promises Made & Promises Broken.

The lack of following thru and adding to that his dancing around the issue of all Illegals by moving it to just deporting Criminal Illegals either demonstrates his lack of knowledge of what a Criminal is or just moving back to the Left side where his Daughter & Son in Law are and have always been along with most of his White House Staff, they believe in almost every Social Justice Issue and especially in Amnesty for the Children.

If President Trump believes his Base Support won’t erode, then he’s truly not a good reader of just how many of them supported him because of his stand on the Illegals and Border Security.  The lack of following thru on his Promises may not cost him the states he won by large margins, however those he won by single digits such as: Wisconsin won by less than 1% & 10 Electoral Votes, Michigan less than 1/2% & 16 Electoral Votes, Pennsylvania less than 1% & 20 Electoral Votes, this totals 46 Electoral Votes minus those from the 306 and Trump loses the Election, this doesn’t include a swing state with low percentages as well like Florida won by 1.20% & 29 Electoral Votes.

The swing of just a small number of votes or a higher turnout of Democrats will bring us right back to another Total Socialist in the White House along with a mostly Big Government Congress no matter the Party, as recently demonstrated by the failure of the GOP to End Obama Care and I also don’t believe they’ll secure our borders or give us meaningful Tax Reforms, as most are in the pockets of Big Business and the Chamber of Commerce who want Illegals here now and forever.

The Swamp Managers don’t want a WALL as they know once its’ built you can’t take it down, whereas with extra guards, technology etc. that can be changed quickly and most won’t even know it’s happened to them, and the Lie they tell about how much Illegals contribute to the Economy is mostly never exposed by anyone in the Media, just check the #’s Link:

I’m hoping all of you will contact the White House by Calling: 202-456-1111 or the Comment Line: 201-456-1414, and let them know what you think of the back tracking and not doing what was Promised to the American Voters to gain their Support & Votes.
God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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