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Illegals Voting & Costing Americans Our Freedoms / Deport Them Now!

President Trump, Enforce All Our Laws on Immigration Now!

We’ve been lied to for Decades now by the Press & Politicians among others and continue to be lied to even today with the Fake Dreamer Issue, as the issue is much larger than that.  The Dreamer issue is being used to get the sympathy needed to Shove Amnesty or Legal Status Down Our Throats and Call us Bigots if we Oppose It.

We must Oppose this Dreamer Deal and Demand that President Trump Keep His Word to End DACA and start Deporting All Illegals, not just the New Definition he now uses to describe just the Gang Members, etc.

I hope as all who view this video also recall the questionable results in the Maricopa County General Election of 2016.  Penzone received more Votes than President Trump and in this video she voted 5 TIMES and claims she didn’t KNOW and has been voting since 2004, how many millions more just like her haven’t been caught Illegally Voting?  This happened in Texas but we all know it also happens in AZ and elsewhere, watch the Video: ( ).

I believe this is the answer as to why Sheriff Joe Lost. We are still waiting for the AZ Legislature to put some real teeth into a Ballot Harvesting Law and not just more Lip Service as usual.

President Trump Deport Illegals Now while we can still save America from VOTER FRAUD.  Mr. President change the way we do Census Taking by not counting Illegals but only US Citizens, after all why should we increase the # of Congressmen to Represent Illegals?

Read this article showing the #’s of the Election of 2018 Closely.…/az-2016-elections-rigged-remov…/

Check-out the numbers for your state. We’ve all known for a long time, that many Illegals don’t pay taxes, because they work for cash, yet they get a lot of government freebies like food stamps, phones, school, medical, utilities, rent, etc. We’ve got so many Americans, veterans, mentally incapable, etc. that are now homeless that can’t figure out the ”system” to get the help they really deserve. Link to the #’s:

Link to the Show:

God Bless You; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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