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Who’s Running 4 U. S. Senate in AZ?

Take a Read to a Question asked by LD 22 Secretary!

There was a question submitted to the Republican Briefs on 7/30/19 about whether of not I was considering running for the U.S. Senate, and since I know many of you don’t get the Briefs decided to post the question and my response to it.

LD 22 Secretary Greg Rucker: I have a “get him on the record” question I would like to ask Clair Van Steenwyk. To wit: “Van, yes or no, are you contemplating a run in the 2020 Arizona U.S. Senate Race? Please respond in the Briefs. Thanks.”

Clair Van Steenwyk’s response:
Hi Greg; It’s been sometime since we last spoke and hope all is well with you & yours. Your questionhas been asked and we’ve been encouraged several times by others to run, and answered all directly who’ve called, emailed or asked when we’re out and about and will take this opportunity to inform others of whether we’re running for the U.S.Senate in AZ, as this decision is difficult enough for anyone who might be considering a run to make without looking over their shoulder at other possible unannounced opponents.

Technically we’re not Re Electing Mc Sally as she was appointed therefore she’s not running to be Re Elected, however we are looking for someone to support who’ll truly represent the People of AZ, and have spoken to a young man by the name of Daniel McCarthy and we’re doing more research on this young man and have learned of his Successes in Business the GOP, and his Personal Family Life,for any interested still in the Vetting process on both Constitutional Compliance and Issues with Mr. Mc Carthy, and this process should be completed by weeks end, and then we’ll let you know our decision for those who maybe interested in our views, however so far so good.
We realize better than most what it takes to run this race and believe he’s the one person who can garner the Support needed to win the race should he decide to run, and hopefully one day soon we’ll have a Candidate we can all support.

We do want thank all who’ve supported us in past Elections and pray you’re all well, Jean & I are honored that some think so highly of us even to ask,however we aren’t running in 2020 for the U.S. Senate Seat in AZ, and you have Our Word on that, and we also hope you’ll aide us in helping anyone we decide to support as you have given us your trust and support in the past to Restore Our Republic in Keeping America 1st.

God Bless You All; Clair & Jean Van Steenwyk

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