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Is AZ a Republic or Socialist State?

AZ seems to be slipping farther into a Socialist type State Government while the rest of us believe we’re a Republic!

I’ve followed the AZ Political System closely for several yrs. now and have continued to see our State fall farther into Socialism than most would notice.
This process has been aided by those in the Legislature basically handing the Ball Off to either the Executive Branch, Agencies or Boards along with Propositions on the Ballot  rather than them doing what they’re elected to do which is Represent US.

I realize most believe just by them voting on Bills and then sending them forward for the Governor to sign into Law is what they’re suppose to do, however the question all of us should be asking is where do all of these Bills come from and who are they really voting to Help, the Lobbyists, Big Business or US, whether done by Legislation or Propositions on the Ballot?

I for one know that a Republic form of Government isn’t mob rule and when the Legislators put forth Propositions for the Voters to decide rather than for them to do so we’re actually at that point becoming a Socialist Democracy rather than a True Republic, as most Props are decided by how many ADs the public listens to or views and that’s determined by who has the $$$$$$$$’s to Promote their Point of View which generally doesn’t favor US.

Prop 123 is a perfect example of this, which didn’t deliver as promised but did take Billions out of the AZ Trust Fund and our AZ Treasurer Jeff Dewit campaigned against it but the Legislators did what Gov. Ducey wanted for Political reasons rather than for Fiscal Ones, so they put it on the Ballot and we lost.

There is also the Board of Education all appointed and the State Agencies, we as Voters must become more aware of what’s going on  in AZ Politics while we still have some say in it thru the Ballot Box and if we don’t then we’ll eventually turn into another NY or CA. etc.

US Constitution Article IV. Section IV. Guarantees Each State a Republic Form of Government, however as with all Guarantees in Life the owner of the Guarantee must see that its’ Enforced and that’s All of US. Link:!/articles/4/essays/128/guarantee-clause

Here’s a podcast I listened to where Kris Anne Hall talks about it being unconstitutional for states to allow voters to approve laws with their votes.  Kris’s statements on this occur at about the 19 min. to 28 min. section, as they come out of a break.

Kris Anne Hall and her husband begin speaking about how the legislature has given their authority to make laws away to agencies, courts etc., and how the state legislatures is unconstitutionally allowing voters to approve laws.  By doing all of the above the states are no longer republics.

Kris then at the 57 minute mark she discusses Citizenship and who qualifies for the benefits of Citizenship.

Link to the Kris Anne Hall Podcast:

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk
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