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AZ GOP Politics Fake News & Polls

Candidates Comments: Van’s Position on AZ GOP Politics as usual in AZ. I do believe if the Media & Press would follow Frosty’s example, AZ, and for that matter the Nation, wouldn’t be in this shape and continue heading in that direction, with once again increasing the Debt and Adding all types of Pork to the Tax Bill they just passed. 

We as a People can’t afford more who’ve proven their loyalty to Party or Lobbyists over the People they’re supposedly serving. I, for one, always follow the money and find that it always leads back to those Funding the Candidates by Office Holders Voting against US and for their Funders.

We in CD 8 and elsewhere, must remember the Bad Votes they don’t speak of, such as SB 1469 stripping the Supt. of Authority, National Popular Vote, and PROP 123 Stealing from AZ Land Trust, (which never delivered the promised raises to the Teachers but made the Gov. & Legislators look like they did something, according to what AZ Treasurer Jeff Dewit said, they shrank AZ’s Trust Fund–which he campaigned against–but they wouldn’t listen to the Treasurer). There are more bills which, if listed, would take up more space than allowed.

Our Children are suffering in the AZ Public School system, and continue to finish at the bottom in National Ratings. AZ is still Billions in Debt, and no solution is offered by any who now hold or have held State Office. Legislators pass budgets with no real oversight, and for that reason, I believe most running would just move from the AZ Septic Tank of Politics to the SWAMP in DC without missing a step.

I’ve watched and taken part in AZ Politics, and I’m still amazed that most running claim how conservative they are at events, but their Voting Records are mostly never discussed, as many consider that to be attacking them. [I suppose for some, the only ones we’re allowed to attack are either the Democrats, or those whom we agree are RINOs. When it comes to GOP officeholders we like, that’s a different story.] My Dad always asked how I did in school, and then looked at my Report Card to check my grades; I learned never to Lie to my Father. I wish some of these Candidates OfficeHolders would learn not to Lie to US.

Jean & I campaigned for Sheriff Joe & President Trump, taking yard signs to meetings in the West Valley and staying to the end to be certain those attending took the signs home did not leave them in the back of the room. We also put their signs in our Front Yard, which is more than I can say for some who claimed to support them (check the photo of my yard). 

All Elections are Critical, however, I do believe the upcoming Special Election in CD 8 is even more so, as it’s the first time in 15 years we’ll be choosing a New Representative. The last thing we need is one more Career Politician; meaning, for the most part, more of the same. 

I state this: “If elected, I’ll serve out the term, and then, would serve for no more than 3 additional terms–equaling 6 years–then not run for Re-Election. I do believe, after a time, a new set of eyes is needed; on this the Voters in CD 8 & AZ have my Word.”

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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