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Phoenix Mismanages Homeless in Fear!

Take a look at these pictures and see just what's going on in Downtown Phoenix, they're now using a special method put on them in Fear of the Federal Government & ACLU which files Lawsuits claiming special treatment for the Homeless.

I realize those who are Homeless have all types of reasons for their Condition, as I and my wife worked for years on Skidrow in LA, however most of those on the streets are Addicted to Drugs, Need Spiritual & Mental Assistance, believe it or not some just like to be Irresponsible and live off the system.

The City of Phoenix and the State of AZ need to come up with a Plan to better serve the Homeless and realize that AZ is governed by its own Laws as it's a Sovereign State and not a Serf of the Federal Government, and unless they do so and continue to do what they told by the Federal Gov. along with fearing a Lawsuit by the ACLU this problem will continue to growing as it has in other Cities across the Nation and is already spreading throughout surrounding Cities such as Surprise, which seems like its also just turning a blind eye to the Homeless at Street Signals with signs asking for Donations, they should try to set these people up with a Job, since most places we go have Help Wanted Signs Up, seems our tax dollars can be put to far better use and at the same time put some of these Americans Back on the Road to Recovering and or have them put in a Rehab program for the Long Term.

I realize there are laws basically forcing States, Cities etc. to do basically noting, well this also must be fixed by our State Legislators, County Supervisors, City Councils etc., as the 1st duty they all have is to the Safety, Health & Well Being of their Residents, so lets put it to all Our Elected Public Servants to begin working on this with Laws and not just more committees to study the problem, as most can see it and know they need help, in fact some of them would actually be welcome to return to their homes and that can be arranged as well, far better than turning a Blind Eye to this problem.

This is the Time most of US Celebrate the Birth of Christ, so I do believe this would be a Great Time to give All of those a New Birth at Life as well, I know many of you recall Christ's story of the Good Samaritan, well I do believe just as the man in the Ditch was Beaten Up & Robbed, these people have been Beaten Up as well Spiritually, Mentally, Emotionally, and Physically, and to allow those who we've hired to deal with these problems seem to like band aides rather than really assisting them, so be sure to contact those we've hired and let them know just cleaning up a street and storing their belongings isn't going to HELP those in NEED.

I realize this post may upset some and cause others to Pray, so if you're upset please take a moment and pray, and if you're going to pray please remember as I've taught this in churches and fellowship groups across the country, Prayer is a two way communication most times our prayers are also God speaking to us about what God wants us to do, so listen very carefully to your prayer and once you've finished listening to the message and you stand up, just maybe it's time for you to put Feet to your Prayer and get others to assist you in what you need to do.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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