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Chinese Communists Infect the World!

This is the Real China, they don’t care about the World’s Health, their People or Evironment, and the Press and others is giving China a Pass on Spreading the China Virus 4 Power, Influence & Profit, if you Agree then let those in Office in DC and your State, County and City know you Demand they Expose this and finally Tell the TRUTH.

The China Virus is no Accident as they knew about it in November of 2019 and didn’t say anything until after the Jan 15,2020 Trade Deal was signed.

Some say the Chinese were Incompetent, however that’s really hard to swallow when you look at their History of Dominating the Chinese People and region for Decades and using U.S. Companiesgreed to build their Political and Military Influence around the World, while putting us at risk.

The Chinese Communists wanted a Trade Deal Deal but thought they could wait our President Trump and when that didn’t work they gave in for the most part, however they also held back on Critical Information that could have caused them not to get this deal, they I believe also are now trying to use the China Virus to Blackmail the U.S. into concessions on Tariffs for badly needed medical supplies by us, this is the type of Government we’re dealing with, and while I’m at it one that Sanders thinks is so successful.

We must Demand that the U.S. Government help set up New Companies to manufacture Drugs, Medical Equipment etc. in the U.S., if the companies that moved to China for Profit don’t return to the USA, we can’t depend on an Enemy yes Enemy to supply Drugs and Medical and other Critical Equipment, as it’s in their best interests at times not to, so contact your Elected Officials Locally and in DC, and Order them to put out Public Statements in Favor of the U.S. returning these Companiesto the U.S. or to Finance Building Brand New Ones in the USA.

Lets also examine just how critical this China Virus is in the USA, Link:,

as of 3/23/20 Infected; 35,345, Deaths 473 =1.20% Deaths which is a relatively low number and USA Recovered 184, World 358,060 – Recovered 100,645 still active 257,415 and 95% of them are mild cases, now take a look at the Numbers for the Flu 2018-2019 34 Million Infected, Deaths (34,000+), with 75% over 65, lower percentage of Deaths as we developed Vaccines to prevent and fight it; we’ll also do this with ChinaVirus which will Diminish its’ effects, it’s obvious those most at risk for any Virus are the Older in Our Nation, I believe it’s nowhere near the Critical Stages that the Press and others are pushing, and believe if we work together we’ll get through this, just as past Generations have Overcome their Challenges .

We thank President Trump for his quick action to close the U. S. to Chinese and Asian Traffic making the Critical Difference in slowing down its’ spread, giving us time to prepare for the Virus.

Blame the Chinese Communist Government for Deliberately allowing it to spread and trying to Blame the US for the China Virus, as is typical of Communist Propaganda tell a Lie often enough and people will believe it, especially True of Our So Called Weak Kneed European Allies who are Bowing Down and ThankingChina for their Assistance.

We as Americans must Stand Together not allowing the Socialist Press, Politicians and their Alliesto Divide us, but to Unite no matter Our Party and Fight against this Chinese Virus Invasion and some who actually hope it gets worse to Restore their Socialist Control in DC and elsewhere in the United States.

We pledge Allegiance to the United States of America, not any Political Party, lets join in prayer together for the strength shown by Generations who proceeded us and continue the Fight for Freedom, remember who the Real Enemy is and it’s not America or Americans.I thank God we have a President who’s not afraid to try to effect a Cure by using existing Proven Medications that appear positive to shorten and possibly Defeat this Enemy of America & the World, Thank You Mr. President from All of US and God Bless You.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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