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Secure AZ Elections from Ballot Harvesting +

I believe the following Issues are just the Tip of the Ice Berg, and many of the Issues listed below must be fixed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor, although I do believe the Republicans can fix these Issues with New Laws, however I don't believe the Democrat now in the Governor's Office will sign them, and these Issues could have and should have been addressed for the last 10 years when we had 2 Republican Governors that would of I believe of Signed them.

I also know there are many things that can be fixed in the Maricopa County Recorders Offices without New Laws, however I believe we need to have someone in the Recorder's Office who isn't beholding to any Politician, Lobbyist, PAC, or Party and just wants to Update the Operations of the Office to assure the Voters their Votes will be Protected from the Time they're Cast until the Time & Place of Counting, that I assure is what I'll do.

I'll work with a Team to Write some New Laws for the Legislature to be Passed into Law, and even though they may not be Law in 2026 if the present Democrat Governor probably won't sign them, however they'll be signed Once we Replace the present Occupant of the in the 2026 cycle.

I know many Voters believe the Recorder can fix some of the Issues I'm addressing when in fact they can't, although tthey should have Protected the Voting Process, Safeguarded the Ballots, Mail Out Ballots only to those who've signed up for them, and put Guards to Secure the Unsecured Boxes where Ballots were dropped off, but that's not what happened, however that's exactly what will happen if I'm Elected, and when I get Push Back I'll call on the Voters to let those doing the pushing to Stop and listen the the People We're Elected to Serve, Elected Officials serve at the Pleasure of the People, and in Fact must follow the Law and Serve the People, and for those who know me well know that's exactly what I'll do.

I will Increase Transparency, Clean Up Voter Rolls, Examine Federal Only Voter Rolls Closely, Try to Reinstate Precincts by bringing this up to the New County Supervisors with your Help, Get Varifying Features on Ballots, Protect Evidence of Fraud & Seek Prosecution, Require Paper Voter Sign-In Sheets, Require an Absolute Chain of Custody with Licensed Guards.

These are some of the things the Legislature can do; Repeal Laws for Unattended Drop Boxes for Ballots, Don't Allow Government Employees or Political Hacks to Run the Polls, Repeal Laws for No-Excuse Absentee Balloting, Pass Law for One Day In Person Voting with Voter ID.

AZ's Elections have been in question for longer than most Voters even realize, and Ballot Harvesting has gone on for years, and been an accepted practice, this has taken place as a result of Poorly Written State Statutes with no Enforcement Trigger which allowed those who delivered them to Polling Places are Never Questioned as to who they were, which has resulted in some rather questionable results like the one in 2018 in which Dr. Branch was within a couple of hundred Votes of his opponent, and there were Votes that weren't counted, but the Press or Party Never made a big deal out of it, and therefore we Ended up with a very Liberal Supt. of Public Instruction who served the Teacher's Union and not the Parents and certainly not Our Children.

Let me give you One Example of Ballot Harvesting that took place at the Recorder's Office at 320 W Lincoln St, Phoenix, AZ 85003, my wife and I witnessed this while we were picking up a Map of LD 22 in 2018.

We saw a young man bring in Plastic Containers holding at the very least 150 Ballots each, he made 5 trips to carry each one in and dumped them into a Barrel in the Lobby for Early Ballots. I asked the Lady behind the counter after the 2nd one had been emptied and he brought in the 3rd if anyone was going to Stop this from happening, as this isn't a simple act of helping a Relative or Disabled person, she responded that there's nothing she could do as he wasn't violating any law that they knew of, and that's the point, we've also seen this happen at Polling Places when we Voted when we were handing out information to Voters for campaigns, and not to the point of from 700+ but anywhere from 5 to 20. We need to Demand our legislators that Ballot Harvesting Not be Allowed at All, and if allowed they must prove they're related, as the Voters Trust the U.S. Mail to deliver their Ballots, then why don't they Trust them to Pick them Up or just Mail them back?

We know the last Two Election Cycles had some rather Questionable Outcomes and though the Voters Demanded more be done the Supervisors, Recorder etc. all Certified the Election of 2022 and even today Abe Hamadeh is still fighting for Votes to be Counted and within a couple of Hundred Votes with from what I understand a Couple of Thousand yet to be Counted, how can they Certify the Election of 2022 when there are Outstanding Votes, and the Supervisors and Maricopa County Recorder don't seem to be Concerned about Counting them, and as usual Certified the Election with Uncouted Votes.

I'm certain that there are other Issues I haven't covered and I will Listen and Respond to Everyone who brings Forth more ideas.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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