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CHINA vs. U.S.A., Who’ll Win WW III?

China fired the 1st Shot with the China Virus and now America’s Economy is on it’s Knees, and America’s dependent on Prescription Drugs made cheaply in China, so American Drug Companies can continue to Rake in Profits, states like Ca. buying masks from China made by an Auto Maker that Warren Buffet is heavily invested in, and by the way has been paid most of the money but not delivered over 95% of the products.

China’s got America where they want us, we mustn’t continue to depend on them for Medical Supplies, and we as Americans must Demand that Our Government put an End to this by setting up Plants within our shores for All Essential Goods to be Made in the USA, we must End the One World Government idea put forth by the Elitists within our own Nation, after all they didn’t and couldn’t Build the USA, We the People did that and we’ll now have to Rebuild our Manufacturing for a Stronger America than Ever, the Sneak Attacks if Japan and 911 didn’t cost the American Livesthat China’s Biological Sneak Attack, but also Our Freedoms, partly due to Politicians and the Elites World Globalists who still refuse to Blame China, many which helped to Build China up for the last 40+ yrs., and will continue to even now, and as long as we play the game by their One World Government rules we’ll be the Losers.

WW II wasn’t like this, we recognized an Enemy when we saw one and need to understand China is that Enemy today. and for the foreseeable future, so let’s not waste anymore time with treating them like the Master making us the Slaves, and put an End to buying the Junk from them that none of us really need, and begin again by Taking Back Our Economy and Regaining the FreedomsOur Founders and others shed Blood to give that Freedom to All of US, this is Our Time to Fightthe Enemy of Our Day, or Surrender the Future of Our Children’s Children.

It’s now time for Generations to End their Buying of Made in CHINA, Boycotting them will Send a Message to the World and America’s One World Government Politicians and Elites, if the Children, Gandchildren, and Great Grandchildren don’t do this now then the Freedoms former Generations Suffered and Died to give US All were done in Vain, so we Hope & Pray these Generations will have the Courage to Step Up as well.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk 

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