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AZ GOP & Dem Uni Party Split Pork Stealing Our Money!

I received this in an email from a Friend of mine, even though I’d already heard 1st hand from the Rep. in LD 29 brag about this in a meeting at the West Valley GOP meeting and couldn’t believe what I’d heard from A. Smith telling everyone what they’d gotten and how he planned to Spend it like it was his Money, after All I always believed Our Tax Dollars belonged to US and those in Office were suppose to Protect It not spend it and not even a mention about talking to the Voters, LDs or GOP Clubs for some guidance, suppose they actually believe they deserve it, I’m almost Positive very few if any of them could ever have paid Cash for a Home or Car, so what particularly qualifies them to decide how to spend over $2,500,000,000.00, I only hope anyone reading this contacts their AZ Sen. & Rep in their LD and let them know what you think, this is just like the PORK BARRELL SPENDNG IN DC.

I wrote the opening & closing comments.

Hi Clair; I am sure you must be aware of this and another reason we can’t trust our own state politicians:

I was recently told about Earmarks/PORK from the latest Arizona State Budget approved and signed by Governor Hobbs. If I was misinformed feel free to correct me but this is what I was told:
The newest state budget for Arizona had a 2.5 billion dollar surplus so you may ask what happened to the 2.5 Billion dollars

It seems that the Republican leadership (?) Warren Peterson and Ben Toma in agreement with Governor Hobbs decided that your money from taxation was to be divided up between the Senate and House Republican members to spend on whatever pet projects they wanted without any oversight. Republican Arizona State Senators got $30 Million each while Arizona State House Republican members got $20 Million each.  Our Democrat Governor Hobbs  got 1.25 Billion to spend as she sees fit.

One Republican Senator asked how he spent a couple Million in his district said to build a new VFW in Payson!  Well fine and dandy so a handful of taxpayers have a new VFW where beer is cheap and non-members get nothing. 

First of all Earmarked Money (PORK) is the citizens money not a personal checkbook. One legislator said if his earmarked money went to taxpayers would only get $50 or so each. Well maybe the citizens could have filled their gas tank or paid a utility bill with their own tax money. 

NOTE: Dividing the total 2.5 billion out evenly to the almost 4.5 million voters in Arizona equals over $500 each!

The point is any State Representative who took the PORK/Earmarks was wrong morally and ethically so ask them where their share of the millions went and why they did not ask their constituents what they wanted done with THEIR TAX DOLLARS.  If you get the wrong answer, vote them out of office in 2024. 

 I want to Thank Dave for sending me the Email and ask all of you after Reading, I Hope You All Contact Your AZ Sen. or Rep. and let them know this will Cost them more than they ever thought it would, and this I hope demonstrates just what type of People AZ has in office, and hope you all agree, this is how they get trained for higher office say in DC, we can’t endure as a Free People with these types of people in office no matter the Party. This gives them the Money to Buy their Seats with Political Favors with Our Tax $$$$$$, making it almost Impossible for anyone who Challenges them in the Primary to Defeat them, Fair Right.

This Act by the Republicans in AZ's State Senate & House is why people don't Trust Politicians and for the Voters who are truly Fiscally Conservative this is especially a betrayal of Trust, as those in the GOP just got elected not even 12 months ago and I heard them promise to be fiscally conservative, but Talk is Cheap and this demonstrates I believe for them its really Cheap.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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