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Should Voters Trust Politicians Endorsements of Candidates?

Clair Van Steenwyk’s comments: 

I’ve found in my personal and business life the most important value is Trusting the Character and Judgement of the people in your life and this must also be True for those asking for our votes, as if elected the Candidates will be making judgements that affect our lives for Decades, this is the 1st test of their character and judgement and if we can trust them in accepting endorsements as well, as many candidates have former and present Officer Holders endorsing them hoping the Voters know or recognize their names and vote for the Candidate they endorse.

Most voters may recognize their names, however voters should ask what do I Know about the person endorsing this Candidate, most voters know little or nothing other than what they hear on the news or a party wants them to know.

Let’s examine one former Career office holder who’s endorsed several candidates the Republican Party picks and supports, former Gov. J. Brewer claims she’s conservative, she was the major promoter of Obama Care Expansion into AZ, as a good soldier for Special Interests Medical Lobby & others, however most Voters never knew and Party Politics didn’t expose this to the Voters, this is just one example, so can we Trust her Endorsements or there Recipients?

The best way to decide on who to vote for is to know their record if in office and if they’ve never held office who have or do they support and their records, my Dad always said: You’re known by the company you keep, so accepting endorsements to get votes indicates you’re accepting your endorsers records or don’t know or care what they’ve done just want endorsements to get Votes, so you’re misleading Voters for your own personal gain, which by the way is Fraud by definition.

Some of the Career Politicians Endorsers of my Opponent either Sponsored or Voted 4 the National Popular Vote passing it out of AZ’s House in 16, if this bill becomes Law it’s One More Nail in the Coffin of Our Republic. The Endorsers who Voted 4 National Popular Vote are: A. Kern, D. Livingston, Mesnard, Boyer, remember even supporting legislation violates your Oath. Link to entire list of GOP AZ House members who supported or voted 4 NPV:…/

We’ve all pledged Allegiance to Our Flag and All in Office take an Oath to Support, Protect & Defend the U.S. Constitution, God Granted Us Our Rights in that Document, one of those is the Right to a Republic form of Government, when they Supported and or Voted 4 the NPV they betrayed their Pledge of Allegiance and Violated their Oath of Office as the NPV would End Our Republic Form of Government, it also violated the Republian Parties Platform, so these Endorsements can’t be Trusted, in fact Voters shouldn’t Vote 4 any Candidate Endorsed by them.

Our Founders gave us some great advice when asked what Form of Government have you given us, their response was two fold, A Republic Form of Government if you can Keep It, and it will take a Moral & Religious People to maintain this government, and It will Take a Well Informed Electorate to Maintain this Republic. How’s the U.S. Citizen Voter doing when it comes to Following that Advice?

Our Founders advice is still the best we have and to be Well Informed isn’t to just casting a Vote because you received a Mailer, TV Ad, or Endorsement from officials who’ve Violated their Oath and your Trust, but to check out their records, or contact someone who has maybe you’ll follow my Dad’s advice; You’ll know people by the company they keep, I’ve found in my lifetime has proven to be some of the best advice I received from my Father.

Best Example of endorsements is when President Trump was asked by GOP Leadership to Endorse McCain & Romney, President Trump had no history of truly liking,supporting or respecting them, but he endorsed them, and how’s that worked out for us who knew they’re RINO’s and went on to prove it and Romney still does, so Endorsements coming from anyone with Bad Records I already don’t trust in AZ are both Worthless and Dangerous to Our Republic.

I can’t & won’t Trust So Called conservative Politicians who Violate their Oath to the U. S. Constitution, they may be what some call conservatives, but they’re certainly not Supporters, Protectors or Defenders of the U. S. Constitution and Our God Granted Rights, anyone attempting to take Our Rights from US is Evil and proven they can’t be Trusted.

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God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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