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Migrants or Invaders?

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The news agencies reporting the Open Border Crisis since Biden took over the WH, and previously at least Fox and Newsmax called them Illegals, however that's all changed now as the only thing they call them is Migrants, and this includes laura Ingram and Jesse Waters.
Now my question is since the liberal sons of the founder of Fox took it over they've moved farther left, and so the logical conclusion to come to is that's why we now hear what many consider the Slanted reporting on Pres. Trump and the much better coverage of those running against him.
The News is now promoting Haley more than DeSantos which is assists her in gaining more support of the Never Trumper types, this now includes the dropout Juvenile Deliquent Christie, as the Interviewers made sure to let him demean Trump.
Haley also gets credit for the job she did at the U.N., and why they don't mention of the reason behind what she did while she was our Ambassador, well lets take a really good look at that, she worked for Pres. Trump and as we all know he instructed his Cabinet and the rest of those who worked for him on Policy and of course holding the Administrations line, Haley knew that if she ever caved to the Liberal Left of the GOP Globalists she'd be Fired by Trump and therefore followed the guidance given her and according to Pres. Trump did a good job, and believe he knew this would assist her in her future, however don't believe he expected her to go to work for some of the people she did.
Pres. Trump put more value on the people who worked well for him then people like her and others do to being loyal and keeping their Word, she said she'd never run against him for President in 24, and when asked about her promise to the Pres. she gave a Political answer and Fox never challenged it, she said yes she had given her Word, but things had changed and so she changed her mind, for me the truth is she got support from the Never Trump Wing of the GOP from people like the Koch Brothers who by the way Love Open Borders and Open Trade with No Restrictions with China, this type of Funding whether Haley says that side of the GOP won't Influence her, I'll let all of you make your own Decision on whether you believe PACS, Lobbyists etc. have any inflence on those running or in office, I've already made Mine.
We know that they are now at the very least Thirteen Million Illegal Invaders inside our nation thanks to Pres. Biden and his Administration plus the 30 Million from the years before, and yes some in the GOP who Agree with him, to name a few, the Bushs, McConnell, Ryan, Boehner, Chaney, and of course the Koch Brothers along with other Globalists in the GOP Funding Haley's Campaign.
I know from my Childhood when Eisenhower was President and stated when you have people inside you Borders and you don't know who they are it's Called an INVASION, and Eisenhower Deported them, so were being INVADED by our Sworn Enemies from around the World including the Middle East, and Thousands of young military age Males from our Biggest Enemy CHINA, so be careful in the upcoming Primaries how you Vote because this Election will Determine whether We and All Future Generations continue to Enjoy Our God Granted Liberty which they all want to Steal From US.
( By the way its an INVASION & MUST be Repelled )
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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