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USA & AZ Time to Fight Back

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We’ve just been through the 1st Election in our history that is and was Unconstitutional and Evidence to prove the Treason committed by so called Americans upon all of us.

BREAKING NEWS IN DC; After President Trump spoke and the march to the Capitol started a group of what appears to be Trump Supports took over the Capitol, and of course now the Socialist Fake News is all over this and Blaming President Trump.

These Socialists like Biden sat silent while their supporters burned American Cities and attacked U.S. Citizens and now this idiot calls this Sedition: incitement of resistance to or insurrection against lawful authority, false accusation since we have no lawful authority presently due to an Unconstitutional Election and the States and Congress refusing to Act against it, as is their Constitutional Responsibility, so no offense.

I realize they have found a more peaceful & better way, but understand the real culprits are those who committed Treasonous Acts against our Republic when they Falsified the Votes. I also realize the Socialists have been hoping for this type of thing to take place and continued to poor gas on the fire, this also quite frankly could be BLM or ANTIFA, but no matter who this was we all need to pray that this doesn’t discourage any of us from moving Forward to Restore Our Republic.

Far too many Republican State Legislators don’t have the necessary Spines / Courage to Step Up and Stop this, as their Political Careers are and have always been their Primary Concern and the GOP SWAMP Dictates just how they’ll respond, and they do what they’re told, to do and that doesn’t include serving us. I’ve said for years where I’ve had the privilege of speaking including my Radio Shows, Videos etc. that the Better of Two Evils would come back to bite all of us, and for those who never followed the Directions of the GOP Theology it’s especially painful, because it was Wrong for Moral & Religious reasons, however for many winning is all that matters.

We must now deal with the Hand we’ve been dealt and prepare for the Political Future we all face together and plan a way ahead.

I believe the only Hope for America is to find other Americans who support the U.S. Constitution and have the Moral Character not to yield to Party Politics, but serve the People and assist US in Restoring Our Republic at State & Federal Level, and we have no time to waste in doing so.

If everyone in AZ who’ve attended Rallies, Meetings, Commenting on Social Media etc. or met with family members, friends etc. joins together we’ll be able to get this done, however it will take Dedication and Money to accomplish, so question is anyone viewing this particular Video willing to step up and assist us in finding these Candidates or perhaps being one of them to begin this journey with us?

There are citizens throughout the US & AZ I know personally who could and would run if they can gain the $upport to put forth a campaign to compete against the Career or Chosen Ones of the Party, so now it’s up to all of you to follow the Dictates of your hearts and ask yourselves am I willing to Contribute $$$$$$$$$$$$ and Time to Restore My State and Nation to a Free Republic once again or will We just go quietly into the night allowing the Treason that was perpetrated in the 2020 Election stand, my hope is that whether it’s your family & friends, your group small or large will join us in this Venture to Restore our State and Nation to a Republic Form of Government.

We’re also posting on GAB now, it’s a bit busy as many are joining it and hope you’ll join us there as well, however until they get all of their New Servers up be Patient.

We’re praying that many of you will join us in this effort, we realize it won’t be easy, but then nothing Worth Doing Ever Is.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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