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AZ’s Politicians Betrayal of Voters

Violating Oath of Office = EVIL
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I’m posting this Video and commentary to remind Voters of the Illegal Political Deal made by Mrs. Douglas with Gov. Ducey & AZ Senators wasn’t done to bring Peace to the GOP but to hand over more Power Ducey’s Board of Education.Mrs. Douglas said she went along with this to have peace, well to gain Peace by Violating your Oath isn’t Peace, and Mrs. Douglas’ approval was and is a Violation of the Oath she took and other office holders betraying the Trust of AZ Voters.

History Forgotten is Always Repeated / Better of Two Evils Equals EVIL. 

The Sun City West GOP Meeting in Jan. 2016 with Supt. Diane Douglas speaking about Kelli Ward’s Amended HB 2184 and her support of it which Violated Mrs. Douglas Oath of Office, and also spoke on SB 1469, and at the SCW GOP  meeting in Feb. 2016 then Sen. Kelli Ward spoke and was Endorsed by Mrs. Douglas,

I attended both meetings and couldn’t believe my ears when Mrs. Douglas endorsed Sen. Ward for Office after her comments about the Bill Ward Amended and pushed through her committee to the Senate Floor as requested by GOP Leadership, proved who Ward takes orders from.

Mrs. Douglas stated she went along with Ducey and GOP Leadership to Violate the AZ Constitution just to stop the arguing and when the original deal made got even worse she still supported it, this is the perfect Example of Better of Two Evils Equaling EVIL, Example:
You agree to buy a car for $1,000 but the Final Contract comes the price is now $5,000 do you still sign it, Mrs. Douglas said yes, however the Right thing was to Walk away from an Unconstitutional Bill to begin with, however Mrs. Douglas saying she wanted peace led her to Violating her Oath of Office along with all the Elected Officials who voted 4 it, and a Trust with AZ Voters and their Children was Broken.

Mrs. Douglas’s own LD 22 had several PCs including myself and other voters who had supported her in the Primary and General speaking at the Capital against HB 2184 and were terribly upset with Mrs. Douglas’s support of the HB 2184 as it Violated AZ’s Constitution and she Violated her Oath in supporting it  in the Education Committee Chaired by then Sen. Kelli Ward, and  Sen. Allen stated she didn’t want to Violate the AZ Constitution, however once we’d all spoken against it she and the other Republicans Voted 4 it and moved it to the Senate Floor where it passed and went back to the House where it was killed, and then Sen. Biggs put SB 1469 in the Reconciliation Process also a violation of AZ State Law and passed SB 1469 sent to Gov. Ducey who gladly signed it into Law, this isn’t serving the People.

The Unconstitutional Deal made on HB 2184 led to SB 1469 which is still in operation and the AZ Board of Education having more power now than they did then, those in office now have done nothing to reverse this and must also be held to accountable for that and many other bills they’ve passed while not Passing Election Laws that would have Prevented the Stolen Election of 2020, I hope all understand Compromising a Sacred Trust & Violating your Oath is a Defeat for We the People, but for those who Supported or Voted 4 these Bills hopefully will never be Trusted Again.

I hope when you Read this Post & Viewed this video understand that Violating Your Oath of Office and  Surrendering the Rights of the People is in fact a Treasonous Act, and if must stop accepting or even finding excuses for those who commit such acts, and no matter how you dress up a Pig it’s still a Pig, we must prevent this from happening again by paying attention to what those in office are doing or have done in the past as History matters, even when we don’t want to be reminded of it.

I hope you believe your lying Eyes & Ears as for me these people are all guilty of a Betrayal of the All Arizonians and I’d never take advice or give respect to anyone involved in this or other Betrayals.

I’m certain you’ve heard the saying, ‘Fool me once your fault, Fool Me Twice My Fault. 

America is supposed to be a Christian Nation, however by what has taken place in the past years is proving that is no longer true, unless those called by His Name Repent and Turn from their Wicked Ways so He can and Will Heal their Land our futures are doomed, how much Farther will Believers in the USA Fall?

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God Bless You Both; Clair Van Steenwyk

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