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Indoctrinated One Program at a Time

While you watch TV news or a talk show and been concerned with how much the country has changed? A recent poll conducted by a national polling firm "YouGov” questioned typical people on the street. The averaged answers are listed below.

What percentage of the country is black? Answers 41%...

Actual 13.6%

If you watch commercials, you will think it is 90%.

What percentage of marriages are mixed race? Answer 50%...

Actual 1%.

If you watch commercials, you will think it is 90%.

What percentage is "Latino"? Answers 39%...

Actual numbers 17%.

How many families make over $500,000 a year? Answers 26%...

Actual figure 1%.

We think a quarter of the country is rich.

What percent of Americans are vegetarians? Response? 30%…

Actual 5%.

What percent of Americans live in NY city? Answers? 30%...

Actual 3%.

What percentage of Americans are 'transgender? 22%...

Actual number 1%

What percentage of your fellow citizens are Gay? Result? 30%...

Actual 3%.

So why do people have such inaccurate thoughts on these counts?

THE MEDIA! Google, TV, Radio, Music etc.

The media run race, gender, and wealth stories constantly.

Result? We are being brainwashed by the media.

Hitler’s propaganda minister Joseph Goebbels would be proud if he had half this success.

Disney just went full-on "gender". They will no longer welcome guests with the traditional "Welcome ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls" Why? Because 1% of the population dictates to the other 99% (that would be the vast majority) and corporate America falls for it.

Regardless of what you think, less than 20% of Americans use "Twitter" yet Twitter controls 80% of public opinion. Why? The media,.

Next time you are thinking Americans have changed and not in a good way, remember, it's Fake. Most people think just like you do, but the media has brainwashed Americans with their constantly misleading WOKE broadcasts.

In 1961 in Pres. Eisenhower Fair Well address he warned the American Public of the Military & Government Complex, however he also earlier in his address warned us about the New & Growing Technical Elites and of course no one truly paid attention one reason was the Three things he warned us about help to prevent it from being pushed out and the other is most people never listen to the Farewell Address of an outgoing President.

I Believe it's time we all Wake up and pay attention to the newest system they're now using called Ephemeral Messaging System meant to direct what you think of Issues and to move Voters in a certain direction and is proving to very effective especially with the younger indoctrinated generations, you know our children and grandchildren and to some degree even some of us who value relationships with them so we keep silent around them so we'll still be invited to Dinners etc., I thankfully don't suffer from this emotional illness myself and pray others take the cure as well, and that cure is Faith, Country and Family for without the 1st two the last one in the End won't mean much, think about it, and just so you know it's most effective on Moderate Republicans.

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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