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Dreamers Demand Amnesty for All Illegals!

Amnesty Will Transform the U.S.A. by Using the Ballot Box and it will be a Permanent One, and Illegal Border Crossings are on the Rise Again as they believe they’ll be in line for Legal Status as well!

Pelosi got a taste of the danger any Democrat faces in getting too close to Trump when a group of angry Dreamers protesting staged a hijacking of her San Francisco news conference on Monday morning to denounce her negotiations with the president, however I believe it’s just a way to add more Illegals to the already long list that President Trump is considering giving Legal Status / Amnesty to along with a Path to Citizenship.

About 40 young protesters, including Illegal Immigrants, surrounded her and unveiled protest banners for All Illegals to gain Amnesty, as she prepared to discuss her work to pass the Dream Act in an event at College Track, an education nonprofit in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood.

Link To Pelosis Press Conference:

This isn’t about one press conference, even though I enjoyed watching the staged Pelosi shut down and appearing to get a taste of her own medicine, however it’s about the Negotiating Process that President Trump seems to be on the path toward giving not just the Dreamers Legal Status but Millions of other Illegals within our borders as well, if this happens it will without a Doubt end the possibility of ever Restoring the US to a True Republic form of Government, and hand it over to the Democrats in the short and long term.

We must remember we can count on is, they won’t vote on Our Side of the Aisle, anymore than the Black Community has even though it was the GOP that passed the so called Civil Rights Bill of the 60’s and is in favor of giving Illegals Amnesty except when running for office.

In 2014, the year for which the most recent numbers are available, there were 325,000 undocumented immigrants living in Arizona, up from 300,000 in 2012.  Nationally, the undocumented immigrant population was 11.1 million, almost the same as in 2014, when there were 11.2 million, that is if you trust the counting process of the US Government, most believe the above listed numbers are much higher than this, however even at these levels most citizens don’t see the train coming down the tracks, this Legal Status will be 4 ALL within our borders Illegally which I believe will include one way or another the overstayed worker & visitors who have disappeared off the face of the earth as far as the US Government is concerned and benefit Big Business which pays off many in the GOP.

Here are the results of the elections in 2016 in AZ,  it’s easy to see just why the Dreamers are Demanding Amnesty & Pathway to Citizenship for All Illegals, and I’m certain the Democrats will give them all Amnesty & a Pathway to Citizenship, the results being as the numbers clearly demonstrate we’ll bea Socialist State Forever.     AZ General : Trump 1,252,401 / Clinton 1,161,167= + 91,234, remember President Trump barely won MI., PA, and WI, so if this happens we’re toast. Here’s a link that gives some numbers by each state and thereby every State & Federal Office could change as we all know the older voters are slowly but surely dying off making the change faster and even more dramatic. Link:

The new voters will change the face of America if this Amnesty / Path to Citizenship is allowed, then we as Americans have indeed been betrayed by the very person we’ve Trusted to Prevent this from happening, as most Constitutional Scholars agree, Non Citizens and especially Illegals don’t have Constitutional Rights.

Newer updated Figures:

Link by State: totals of each State don’t include the Lost Taxes resulting from Illegals being paid in Cash and not paying Taxes on the Monies, nor does it take into Account the Jobs lost by Americans to Illegals because they work for less and in doing so keep the Wages for Americans Depressed and Americans Unemployed not to mention the costs of all the unreported or unsolved Crimes committed by Illegals including Auto accidents etc., Not One State in the US is receiving more in Revenues than Monies Spent on Illegals. I personally believe the costs are higher and don’t forget the Illegals send Billions back to their native countries which for a country like Mexico is just a form of Foreign Aid and Mexico doesn’t want to lose it as proven by  their recent ADS telling Illegals that Mexico will help them stay in America, this isn’t an Act of an Ally but an ENEMY.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

Link to Show:

Agencies must report status when asked, US Constitution on Immigration, 8 US Code Sec. 1373, Link:

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