President Trump trumps Congress on Obamacare!

President Trump keeping his Promise, where the GOP has broken theirs, and had better know that if they fail on Tax Reform they may be looking for new jobs after the 2018 Primaries, that is if the Voters don’t fall for the Better of Two Evils Theology of the GOP, which is how most stay in office, find Candidates to run against the RINO’s in AZ Primaries.

President Trump with a stroke of his Pen began what those in Congress Promised to do but haven’t done for the American Public.  The  Congress makes Campaign Promises / Lies and then Brakes them,  it’s their way of staying in office.  They lie to the American Voters and believe they have no one to answer to, and now with President Trump signing an Executive Order that will begin to Free Americans from the Socialized Medicine that both the Democrats and many Republicans had hoped to keep.  If Obamacare was left in tact it would result in the continued Enslavement of the American People now and forever.

The New Plan is supported by Senator Rand Paul as he gave it his support at the signing, receiving praise from President Trump in so doing.  I hope no one misses the absence of  GOP Leadership at the signing.  I don’t believe many of them favored the Presidents action, as this puts them on notice, if they don’t keep the Promises made to Voters in the last 4 Election Cycles of Repealing Obamacare, many of them won’t be winning in their 2018 Primaries.

I know that this isn’t the end all to be all, but it’s a beginning and also shows the states that they need to tear down the Walls they’ve built up over the years by not allowing Health Insurance to be sold across State Lines.  The State Legislators need to get to work on this by not protecting the Insurance Companies, but by Serving the Citizens of their respective States, as they’re suppose to serve US not the Insurance Lobby.

The Executive Order signed today was only the 1st step in ending the Nightmare of Obamacare.  We as a Nation must now prepare ourselves for the onslaught from the other side on this issue.  I’m certain it’s already on its’ way and will include some Republicans as well. This will give over 25 Million Americans the Freedom to now Choose what type of Health Coverage they need and can afford. The signing removes the Fear they’ve lived with of an Illness costing them their Life Savings & more.

We must do more to expand Health Savings accounts by increasing the amounts allowed to be put into them.  This must include those on Medicaid being allowed to take their monies and negotiate as well.  There are approximately 74 Million on Medicaid which is about 1/3 more than All the Seniors on Medicare, this Federal program is bloated and out of control and must to be reigned in.  The Federal Debt will increase,  as long as the Fed is involved in Healthcare at any level, and they’ll try again to take us down the Path to Socialized Medicine. 

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk
Link to Radio Show on this Issue: http://tobtr.com/s/10329341 

Info on Selling Across State Lines:  http://thefederalist.com/2014/05/28/why-selling-health-insurance-across-state-lines-is-a-good-thing/

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