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Sen. Flake Drops Out, Why?

    Is Senator Flakes Retirement GOP Trickery?

Van’s Comments on Sen. Flakes Retirement:
I do want to thank Sen. Flake for making this decision as one who campaigned against him in the 2012 Primary and found Sen. Flake and his wife to be very courteous and thoughtful, never sinking to the politics of the day like some do by attacking and slandering others with false or misleading statements, we now wish the best for both them and their family.

I believe we’re now in for a Battle for the AZ GOP the likes of which we’ve not seen as the Leadership has something in store for all Truly Committed Constitutional Citizens of AZ.

Hopefully not all will be mislead by the so called experts or fall into the GOP trap of Better of Two Evils or Polling to decide who they Vote 4. Check their Records as they do matter which is borne out by events of the Day. We’ll no longer have hanging over anyone’s head the accusation of Splitting the Vote and handing the office over to Sen. Flake again. Any who want to run depend on Your Dedication to Freedom not some Poll.

Don’t be surprised at who some may support in the GOP Primary while attacking others to make them weak should they win the primary, this is done to aid the Democrats.

I believe some in the GOP would rather lose to a Democrat than lose control of DC to the American Citizens who voted to Drain the SWAMP they’ve lived in for Decades Now. If this is a Trick and we lose to the Democrat in AZ this will End the SWAMP Draining and very possibly defeat Pres. Trump in 2020 and hand DC back to the SWAMP Managers, Mission Accomplished by GOP Elites.

Vote for a True Freedom Liberty minded Constitutional Republican in office who will Support Restoring America’s Freedoms to All of US.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

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