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Federal Government Violates Our God Granted Constitutional Rights

Our Government is taking control of our Money giving the US Government Power over all U.S., while they Violate Our Rights.

Citizens, which in essence takes away our Liberty. The IRS was ordered to keep track of all monies over $600 in annual transactions, which is a direct Violation of Our God Granted Right to Privacy in the U.S. Constitutions 4th & 14th Amendment Section 1, however Biden’s administration backed down on a controversial proposal, after widespread criticism from Republican lawmakers and banking industry representatives, stating the tax enforcement strategy represented a breach of privacy by the federal government, but the Biden administration and Senate Democrats are proposing to raise the threshold to accounts with more than $10,000 in annual transactions, and income received through a paycheck from which federal taxes are automatically deducted won’t be subject to reporting.

I don’t believe they’ve backed down as recently having some work done on our New Home went to my bank and they said since the check I made out for more than $600 it would have to held for a few days and then they’d cash it, even though I was there with the person I gave it to, so I just took the money directly out of my acct. and gave it to him, why the hold when I had the funds and wrote the check in front of the person owed the monies? I don’t trust anything this government does or what it says in the press and this includes those in the House & Senate, the Shadow Government we live under has been and continues to Violate Our Rights on a Daily basis.

Biden’s Executive Order on Ensuring Responsible Development of Digital Assets

The Federal Reserve is now put out a New Program called Fed Now, the program will oversee All Bank Transactions making them the middleman notifying the recipients bank funds are about to be transferred & give them the go ahead, the Federal Reserve will take funds from your acct. and transfer them to the another in the span of Seconds, making them the Holder of All Transactions, and of course for the most part No Bank says No to the Federal Reserve, which by the way for those who don’t know isn’t a Branch of the Federal Government, this operation is using the guise of doing transactions in seconds rather than days to take Control of All Our Funds.

The Actions being taken by the IRS and the Federal Reserve gives them total Control over All our Private Banking Records and Transactions this Violates Our Right to Privacy, and We must push back, so take the Time to contact your US & State Representatives or Senators and tell them you Demand this be stopped, and it doesn’t matter what Party they’re in, as they’re in Office to Represent You, not a PAC, Lobbyist or Party.

If isn’t Stopped it will eventually lead to Biden’s Executive order # 16047 for the Responsible Development of Digital Currency, this program is called the ``CBDC or Central Bank Digital Currency, which will End all other Digital Currencies, when the Federal Government achieves this, and we’ll have coupons or a card, with only limited items to be purchased similar to that of China, this will bring an End to Our Republic form of Government & our Liberties, and the USA will End up on the ASH HEEP of HISTORY, and become the Communist Peoples Republic of the U.S.

We also still have problems with the Teachers Unions as the President of the NEA or National Education Assoc. stated clearly that they’ll never Bend, we will not be Broken in Our Support of the LGBTQ+ & our Teachers will Advocate 4 the Right of Our Education Professionals and Change the World for Our Students.

This is a Declaration of War against Parents, Grandparents, family members and friends etc. to Indoctrinate All Present & Future Generations, as they’ve done for the last 50 years, and All of US must Join together to Battle this Evil in our midst that have declared War on US.

My Question is when will Everyone Wake UP and realize we’re in a Spiritual War and it’s way past time to Start Fighting Back with everything you’ve got, and part of that Fight is at the Ballot Box, so be sure those you Vote For do more than just  send you mailers with nice words and Empty Promises, Our Futures Depend on All of US to fight this Evil.

I’m a Christian, and Our Founders said it would take a Well Informed, Moral & Religious People to Maintain Our Republic, a New Census shows: Belief in God or Heaven slipped the last 20yrs. to 74% in God & 67% in Heaven, this will lead to the End of Our Republic, so start sharing your Faith with everyone.

Remember Divided We’ll Fall, but UNITED we’ll be VICTORIOUS!

Democracy vs. Republic Government: Remember words do matter and most in the Press, Government, general public refer to the USA as a Democracy, here’s the difference by Definition; a Republic is a representative form of government that is ruled according to a charter, or constitution, and a democracy is a government that is ruled according to the will of the Majority. Which Form do You want for US and All Future Generations?

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God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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