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Clair Van Steenwyk’s Concession Announcement

Americans Wake Up to Political Truths

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Jean & I want to Thank All of those who Voted for us in our effort to restore trust in the Voting Process in Maricopa County and continue to believe that the Business Plan we laid out is the only process that would allow that to happen.

We realized once responding to voters requests to run we’d get little if any assistance from the GOP and we were right in that evaluation, as 17 out of 20 LD’s never allowed us to make presentations at their PC meetings, and only 4 GOP Clubs in Maricopa County long before the China Virus shut anyone down.

My opponent won the Primary assisted by GOP State & County Leadership, endorsements from AZ Office Holders many Voted 4 the National Popular Vote, Red Flag Laws and other UnConstitutional Legislation violating their Oath of Office to Support, Protect and Defend the U.S. Constitution and then lied to the voters by claiming to be conservatives, knowing if they went to a meeting saying I’m a Liberal republican who voted 4 NPV, Red 4 Ed, Red Flag Laws, they’d be booed out of the room and not supported in most meetings, they’ll continue to Lie at meetings, and with mailers to Voters, it’s called Fraud but legal even though Not Moral.

My opponent stated that I had no hope of winning the Primary as he’d done a straw poll from LD 12 results 95 to 5, fell far short, as Real Voting Results don’t come close my opponent got 200,446 = 57% to my 148,304 = 42.5% so not the landslide he predicted by out spending us by 300+ to 1, we had far more support than any GOP poll taken would ever show,he won’t have that advantage in the November against the socialist democrat. This is the link to the Maricopa County Voting Results, and it took 12 hrs. for an update, so what’s going on there?…/primary2020.aspx

These unsolicited comments came in emails to me today, I’d like for all of you to read carefully and realize that unfortunately by being kept from meetings etc. limited our ability to raise the funds we hoped to and if you do the math believe you’ll see comments made by friends and supporters are true, 1st email ( Blessings to you both and congratulations on a very strong showing in your race.

You are the record holder for getting more votes for the money than anyone I know.)

2nd Email; ( Sadly, the overall results show that we have some isolated progress against the globalists, including your rising percentages, along with your phenomenal cost /vote ratios! ) Obviously, the seminal problem is the vast majority of the citizenry don’t know—and don’t want to know—what it takes to have any modicum of True Liberty. They ride on the coattails of the Patriots who actually work to gain or retain the Freedoms that flow from GOD’s Liberty, they expect kudos from the real movers and shakers when they take a couple of minutes, periodically to cast votes upon the political waters, not caring a whit that they’re just adding more effluent to the roiling cesspool of governmental tyranny!)

I hope True supporters of the U.S. Constitution in the GOP will stand up and tell the National and AZ GOP that the Constitutional and Conservative Wing of the Party will continue exposing left wing candidates supported by the McCain wing, Lobbyists Fundraising abilities to defeat True Constitutional Conservative candidates throughout our state and nation, Voters are Waking Up as I believe their Support proved and will happen again if we Stand together, then and only then will the True meaning of Republic be Restored.

George Washington said Political Parties are the Enemy of Government as they’ll put Party ahead of Country, well look around and ask yourselves what have they done to Our Only Republic with all their Political Compromising just to be Re-Elected passing laws Enslaving us with Debt and Regulations?

I’ve made these same statements before ever seeking office and have nothing to do with winning or losing an election, I just believe it’s time for more to see it hoping you understand all have a Responsibility to Stop these Evil People from Destroying our Nation.

If True supporters of the U.S. Constitution need our help in the future let us know, and remember this is just One more Battle in the War with Liberals and Socialist Marxists.

One thing for all to remember is we’ve all Pledged Allegiance to Our Nation and those who’ve served in the Military & Elected Office take an Oath, here’s part of the Oath: Support, Protect and Defend the U.S. Constitution, with that in mind recall Benedict Arnold betrayed our Nation and I believe anyone who serves us took that Oath and then betray it aren’t worthy of me Defending, Protecting or Supporting them if they violate theirs or anyone who accepts their Endorsements and thereby betraying the Trust they have with Voters as well, as my Dad always said you’re known by the company you keep.

Video of My Concession Announcement:

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God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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