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Anarchy within U. S. Borders

No I don’t believe the Cop who HATED enough to KILL George Floyd knew the Anarchists are using to Tear the U.S. apart, we need to take back control of Our Nation and begin to show the Love we actually do have for one another and Stop the Hate that’s being allowed by Our Silence and No Response to Divide US, we’re all Americans living in a Free Nation and we need to Protect One Another, this can’t be done when One Side has made a Decision that if we won’t surrender Our God Granted Rights to the Government we must Hate them.

I know we don’t and believe the language must change to bring us together to Resolve this and time for those of Faith to Start Exercising it everywhere they go, Don’t surrender Your Freedom for a bit of Security or Soon You’ll have Neither.
I’m was a Candidate 4 Maricopa County Recorder /
Link to Video
God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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