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Do You Trust Election Results?

AZ’s Ballot Harvesting Leads to Ballot Stuffing!

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AZ’s laws allow Ballot Harvesting to turn into Ballot Stuffing and our AZ State Legislators have refused to deal with this by amending old laws or writing new ones, what are they afraid of?

AZ Laws allow either a relative or care giver to turn in ballots, and don’t require  proof that they’re related or a caregiver, citizen, old enough to vote or resident of AZ, this practice has been encouraged by Maricopa County Recorders, and our Maricopa County Supervisors sit silently by and have done nothing, including petitioning for New Laws to prevent Ballot Harvesting.

I believe most elected officials and candidates are more concerned about winning elections than protecting Our God Granted Right to Vote by preventing Ballot Harvesting which can lead to Ballot Stuffing, most voters know  President Trump believes some Harvested Ballots from that voters are told how to vote or just sign it and let the Harvesters fill it out, and some mailed out are misplaced or stolen directly from mailboxes and signed by the thieves.

AZ has a very antiquated way of checking to verify signatures with just county employees who aren’t trained or certified handwriting experts but decide what is or isn’t a valid signature, this must be addressed and changed, the Primary in 2018 the GOP Supt. of Public Instruction was decided by less than 250 votes with several thousand not counted because un certified county employees said the signatures weren’t valid.

AZ Voters must contact their AZ Senators and Representatives and Demand they write New Laws or Amend existing Laws addressing these Issues, backing them up with Enforcement rules such as Proof of being a Relative or Caregiver and limit the Number of Ballots they can turn in at the Pollsor Recorder’s Office, so are votes count or Election Results will continue being questioned and no one Trusting Results, and that will lead to fewer Citizens practicing their God Granted Right to Vote.
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God Bless You; Clair Van Steenwyk

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