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Boycott Companies Who Support Planned Parenthood!

Evil Must Be Rewarded With A Real Boycott:

Now here’s an interesting list of 38 Company’s that Donate to a Company that believes Murdering the Unborn is perfectly Moral and the best way to keep Unwanted Babies from Entering into the World. Now I realize the one thing they all have in common is they need our business whether buying one of their Products directly or using a Credit Card they issue to make money to support this Business. 

Join US in Boycotting these Companies 1st by letting them know if they continue to give Planned Parenthood Money you’ll discontinue doing business with them from canceling your Credit Cards & Services to not buying their products or shopping in their stores. We can’t rely on those in Office to stop Funding them as they’ve had Decades to do this and the most we ever get is LIP SERVICE, then they go on with Business as Usual. 

We still at this point live in somewhat of a Free Country where we’re not told where and who to spend our Dollars with, lets send them a Direct Message from those of US who Believe in Life is to Treasure and Value. In closing remember Killing the Unborn isn’t Planning for Parenthood it’s making certain you don’t become one mostly due to the inconvenience of having a CHILD. Pass It On. 

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God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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