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US Foreign Policy

Our Foreign Policy base on what is best for the United States of America and its’ Citizens First.

Foreign Policy: Anyone who truly believes the Cold War is over needs to examine the Actions of China and Russia with their aggressive positions are taking whether with Russia in Eastern Europe, Middle East or China’s North Korea PolicyIsland Building along with Thousands of Cyberattacks to see where our threats are truly coming from. I’ve done extensive research and sought advice from Active Military on these subjects and told my conclusions are correct.

The United States must restructure our involvement & support of the United Nations, it’s proven to do nothing more than cost us and benefit our enemies and supporters of a One World Government. NATO and SEATO must be restructured to bring allies into the Real World and set new goals such as fighting Terrorists and Refugee Infiltration into Europe and then into the US with the Aid of European Union Visa Program, we must also insist on each member not only paying it share monetarily but with troops to back up the Organization as well. NATO & SEATO must also join in our fight against the new technological aggression of both but especially China in the Cyber attacks at the US and our Allies also, their ability to attack in the Cyber World is far more dangerous to the Entire World than the Islamic Republic of Iran or N. Korea who we monitor 24/7 and have the technology to bring to their knees within minutes of any real launch at US or our Allies.

We can use the NATO / SEATO model for a new (METOMiddle East Treaty Organization this would clarify America’s involvement in the region as to what type of Aid both Military, Monetary or Humanitarian we’d be willing to give depending on the circumstances. No more Nation Building, wars in some instances maybe unavoidable, however our children don’t always need to be the ones fighting for the security of other nations. Israel will be included in METO as an ally along with Arab Countries with USAmerica and the World will then clearly see if Arab Countries are willing to make a very clear statement as to the Security of the Region including Israel, this would take some true Contractual Negotiating Skills, which I believe at present are MIA in the Federal Government.

Our Trade agreements such as NAFTA, TPP, TPA or any future Trade agreement, where TPP is a form of regional global governance masquerading as a trade organization.There are a series of predecessors: NAFTA, GATT and the WTO, each with some good measures that did reduce trade barriers, however laden with special privileges for international corporations and reams of controls and regulations which are anything but free market even if less-regulated exchange is how they’ve been sold to the US for decades now. TPP allows any administration to implement the unpopular and failed North American Union trade pact (NAU) without warning. The authorization for the President under Article Two, Section Two, Clause Two has the authority to negotiate treaties only with Consent of Congress. Congress must be involved in this process to guarantee the United States no longer enters into the treaties listed or future ones planned to weaken Our Republic.

No More Free Trade Agreements which only hurt the American Worker and our Economy. Trade is an area where our leaders have let the Middle Class Worker and Small Business Owners down for decades as wages shrink and jobs disappear whether shipped out or given to both legal and illegal aliens. These policies led to a shrinking middle class with little future for those at the bottom of our economic ladder, which leads to more hatred, envy, distrust, civil unrest and division among Americans. We must insist that all countries we trade with take back their citizens we deport and those on our borders must secure their borders if they intend to have continued good relations and trade with America.  US. Senator McCain: Where’s the Dang Fence/Wall?

We must abolish the so called Treaties etc. we’ve entered into such as NAFTA, GATT etc. In 2000, we had the golden opportunity to get America out of the destructive WTO (World Trade Organization) with the GATT (General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade), however it was killed, with the help of Pelosi & Boehner. I was taught the Best Defense is a Great Offense, so let’s rebuild our Economy which is Our Best Offense. A Strong Economy will enable us to rebuild and restructure our Military from Tooth ( our men and women ) serving, need upgrades in equipment, pay etc., to Tail the  ( Bureaucracy ), needs to be shrunk by a significant amount as do all the Departments and Agencies in the Federal Government that are Constitutionally Authorized. Our Military insures our continued economic growth as it secures the Sea & Air lanes needed for Trade, it’s how our founders set it up beginning with a Strong Navy.

Foreign Aid is something that must be given True Friends and Allies – not to support the Industrial Military Manufacturing Complex they’ve built up over the Decades, which Presidents Truman & Eisenhower warned us against. The monies we give to other countries in the form of aid goes to many of these companies knowing they buy arms to enslave the very people we’re trying to help. Check Link for President Eisenhower’s Farewell Address; ( about 7 minutes in all about Military Industrial Complex, also an explanation of what took place afterward ; Check this Video as well. We must change these policies so our foreign aid be brought into compliance with the US Constitution which presently has no authority to give foreign aid, meaning we’d need to amend it to do so and that it actually helps the people improve their standard of living, helping the people not the government to enslave them. Foreign Aid is actually a system by which American Taxpayers are borrowing money and paying interest to pay other Nations in accordance with what our leaders call Our National Defense or Security to the so called Free World subsidies to many companies exporting from the US and keeping many countries ruled by nothing more than dictators in power. Our US Constitution is written under what is called “positive grant” meaning the Federal Government is authorized to only participate in specifically laid out activities given authority in the US Constitution.  US Constitution Positive = authorized activities, Grant = Specifically Listed. I believe the change in this Policy would also lead to ending the Military Industrial Complex controlling our Foreign Policy / State and Defense Departments, thereby giving all of US a Safer and Freer World. Can we really as a Nation continue to borrow Dollars to give to others and pay interest on them, take a look at Our National Debt. Read Link:

In Closing I believe Election Cycles are Critical for Our Nation & States as to whether we sink deeper into a Socialistic Nation or Restore Ourselves to a True Republic form of Government. The choice is clear, never support those voting against or compromising the US Constitution and Our Freedoms, I believe that’s actually what most of us are hoping for and the Elite Power Brokers are afraid of: (Time to Drain All Political Swamps)…

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

Originally posted by Clair 9/11/2011 / Updated 7/17/2015

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