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AZ Voters Winners / Losers!

Will AZ Citizens be the Winners in the 2018 Elections or Once Again experience Politics as Usual meaning Political Campaign Promises Made & Broken?

In the last few election cycles in AZ we’ve been made several Promises by those seeking our votes and then once in office they proceed as quickly as possible to Break Them.

I’d want to know if we’ll ever get Candidates who actually keep their Word to the Voters such as hasn’t been the case with Corp. Commission bar one, who all said they’d protect AZ from over reaching Pvt. Utility Companies and then given them the increases they’ve asked for and now we’re all waiting for the next shoe to drop with EPCOR seeking even more Consolidation of their Water Companies meaning they intend to Raise the Rates of those living in Sun City and Sun City West Communities if the New Consolidation they requested is approved by the Board and probably will be as has been the case so far.

I’ve also watched our legislators promise to End Common Core and then pass Legislation that entrenches it even more upon the children in the system whether Public or Charter Schools as any School that accepts Federal Funds is under the Regulations set forth by the Dept. of Ed, which by the way has no Constitutional Authority to even exist along with many others in the Federal Government.  AZ Citizens must pay closer attention after they Vote as most have no Idea just what some of these So Called Conservatives are really doing once Elected and thereby get a Free Pass just because they happen to belong to the GOP and therefore must be a Conservative, and there’s nothing further from the Truth than that Fantasy.

The GOP Elites like Brewer are lining up behind a Candidate to replace Sen. Flake and now we’re I believe expected to roll over and support him  Link to Video of  Jay Heiler :

I don’t believe most of those who are actually Activists will fall for this, but I do believe the General Uninformed and Misinformed Voters will follow like the GOP expects them to as has happened in  past elections.

I believe it’s up to every activist in AZ and elsewhere to expose the Records of those in office or running for office to the Voters however they can, so we can end the lunacy of believing what they say vs. how they perform.

I know most wouldn’t eat a bad restaurant more than once and would tell their friends not to as well. I believe this same responsibility extends even more so to those in office who we all know don’t tell the Truth when spouting their Conservatives with a Record that doesn’t back it up, so Expose them for the Liars they are and receive the Reward of Freedom for doing so.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk
Link to Show;

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