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Does the GOP Platform Matter?

We have reached a point in America where there’s very little Respect for what most of us Treasure such as; The Bible, US Constitution, Bill or Rights, Declaration of Independence, National Anthem, Pledge of Allegiance, Flag and now falling into that group is what most holding office in the GOP also pledge allegiance to but so often don’t.

With the GOP Platform, we the Republican Party

reaffirm the principles that unite us in a common purpose.

GOP Platform LInk.  

I’d like to know just how those who claim to be GOP Conservatives holding office vote against the very Party Platform that they pledge allegiance to and then ask us to vote for them over & over again?

I believe using the Platform to evaluate whether or not those asking for your Votes is a good way to decide whether to give it to them or not and compare their Votes with the Rhetoric they spout and see if it matches up such as let’s use the NPV ( National Popular Vote ) for one example if they voted 4 it then Vote Against Them.

GOP Platform 2016

Honest Elections and the Electoral College

We oppose the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact and any other scheme to abolish or distort the procedures of the Electoral College. An unconstitutional effort to impose National Popular Vote would be a grave threat to our federal system and a guarantee of corruption, as every ballot box in every state would offer a chance to steal the presidency. We urge state legislatures that have voted for this proposal to rescind their approval.

 Honest Elections and the Right to Vote

Honest elections are the foundation of representative government. We pledge to protect the voting rights of every citizen, as well as their rights of conscience when they are harassed or denied a job because of their contributions to a candidate or a cause. We support state efforts to ensure ballot access for the elderly, the handicapped, military personnel, and all legitimate voters. We urge state and local officials to take all appropriate steps to allow voters to cast their ballots in a timely manner. We are concerned, however, that some voting procedures may be open to abuse. For this reason, we support legislation to require proof of citizenship when registering to vote and secure photo ID when voting. We strongly oppose litigation against states exercising their sovereign authority to enact such laws. In addition, to guarantee that everyone’s vote is counted, we urge that electronic voting systems have a voter-verified paper audit trail. We urge every state to join the Interstate Voter Registration Cross Check Program to keep voter rolls accurate and to prevent people from voting in more than one state in the same election. To guard against foreign involvement in our elections, we call for vigilance regarding online credit card contributions to candidates and campaigns.

The members of our Armed Forces must not be denied the basic rights that they are defending for others. Our troops, wherever stationed, must be allowed to vote in a timely manner. We call upon the entire military chain of command to ensure the voting rights of our citizen soldiers.

The Constitution gives Congress authority to conduct the decennial census “in such Manner as they shall by Law direct.” In order to preserve the principle of one person, one vote, we urge our elected representatives to ensure that citizenship, rather than mere residency, be made the basis for the apportionment of representatives among the states.

AZ Representatives Violated the GOP Platform with this VOTE! 

AZ Representatives Recorded Votes On the National Popular Vote! 

Will AZ GOP Citizens Vote 4 those that Voted to give the office of President to Clinton? The Democrats that voted 4 this knew it meant control of the White House for the next 20+ yrs.

The Question to ask the GOP House Members is Why did 20 of them Vote 4 It?  Just having a basic knowledge of why our Founders set up the Electoral System should have kept the Republicans from Voting 4 this, so if they didn’t know the history they should have asked someone who did and not listen to the Lobbyist who supported this Bill and voted against it, I don’t believe they can be trusted in the future not to follow Lobbyist Instructions once again if asked to do so.

This Vote betrayed the people who Voted 4 them. Remember Past Votes / History maybe repeated on this & other issues, don’t support or vote 4 them again.

This bill never made it to the AZ Senate Floor for a Vote as shelved by Sen. Biggs, believe this was done as would have passed the Senate as well and then to Governors desk to sign and who know s what Gov. Ducey would have done.

God Bless You All; Clair VAN Steenwyk

Link to Talk Show:

AZ Legislators Votes on HB2456 National Popular Vote!

House 3rd Reading Votes;:

BILL STATUS VOTES FOR HB 2456 – 3rd Reading, 20 GOP Yes Votes, 14 No’s & 2 GOP Sponsors did NV, Why?
Y =Yes  N =No  EXC =Excused  V =Vacant  NV =Not Voting / Won 40 to 17 w/ 3 NV’s so 9 GOP could have Voted No & Didn’t, Why? 2/3rds Veto Proof.Member NameVoteMember NameVoteMember NameVoteJ. Christopher AckerleyYJohn M. AllenYLela AlstonYRichard C. AndradeYBrenda BartonNJennifer D. BenallyYReginald Bolding Jr.NVSonny BorrelliYRussell “Rusty” BowersNPaul BoyerYKate Brophy McGeeNNoel W. CampbellYMark A. CardenasNHeather CarterNKen ClarkYRegina CobbYDoug ColemanYDiego EspinozaYKaren FannNEddie FarnsworthNCharlene R. FernandezYMark FinchemYRandall FrieseYRosanna GabaldónYSally Ann GonzalesNVRick GrayYAlbert HaleYAnthony KernYMatthew A. KopecYJonathan R. LarkinYJay LawrenceNVince LeachYDavid LivingstonYPhil LovasNStefanie MachYDebbie McCune DavisYJuan Jose MendezYJavan D. “J.D.” MesnardYEric MeyerYDarin MitchellNSteve MontenegroYJill NorgaardNJustin OlsonNLisa A. OtondoYWarren H. PetersenNCeleste PlumleeYFranklin M. PrattYRebecca RiosYTony RiveroNVBob RobsonYMacario SaldateYThomas “T.J.” ShopeYDavid W. StevensYBob ThorpeYKelly TownsendNVMichelle B. Ugenti-RitaNCeci VelasquezYJeff WeningerNBruce WheelerNDavid M. Gowan Sr.Y

House Rules Committee:

House Elections Committee:


Two Sponsors then did the NV, suppose they didn’t want to go on Record Supporting Democrat Type Legislation.

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