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Is the USA Politically Insane?

Definition of Political Insanity: Voting for the same Candidates / Career Politicans one election cycle after another and expecting the Career Politicians to give you the Results they Promised.

Every Two years the Parties send out their Incumbents telling us how Bad the other Party is, and if we only vote for them they’ll fix our Nation, and all our problems will be solved, for the most part the Voters in both Parties follow their instructions like Sheep.

The Democrats attack the GOP saying we hate Blacks, Hispanics, Women, Homosexuals, and will Eliminate your Right to Vote, Abortion, Medical Coverage, Social Security, and so on. The Republicanson the other hand pledge to Secure Our Borders, End Illegal Immigration, Repeal Obamacare, Secure Social Security, End or Limit Abortions, Cut Spending and so on.

We need to do what any Good Business does is to judge our employees by Performance, companies that have Bonus Programs if you hit the numbers you get a Bonus, if not no Bonus, and miss a couple of Quarters, and you’ll be Fired.

This is how Government should be run as their Loyalty belongs to the Citizens, and not the Bureaucrats, Lobbyists, Special Interest, PACS or the Party, this is the only way we’ll ever Fix the USA is by Voters never Voting Twice for Candidates who don’t perform.

We must be concerned about Our Republic, and how they’re Protecting Our God Granted Rights, meaning they must never Vote to Restrict, Remove or Alter any of Our God Granted Freedoms, for if they do no matter the Excuse, that’s reason enough Vote them OUT.

If All Americans take the Pledge of Allegiance Seriously ,and judge those in office by that and the Oath each of them took the Decline of the USA would End, but unless the American Voter becomes more Loyal to the USA than their Party this will never happen and both Parties are counting on that, it’s similar to being a Fan Club rather than The Owner which is are the American Citizens.

The lesson all of us must learn from History is Career Politicians are made by the Voters continuing to Vote 4 the Lesser of Two Evils, and as long as the American Voters continue down this path of Insanity due to the Fear Mongering of the Parties, don’t ever expect any long term changes, but certain Voters will continue Complaining, but Never Accept Responsibility for Voting 4 the Career Politicians. 

Remember: Freedom gives the USA its’ Economy, and not the other way around, as the Economygoes up and down regularly and always will, however if we Lose Our Freedoms its’ All Over

God Bless You All; Clair Van Steenwyk

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